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Our clients range from homeowners looking to improve their property, engineering firms partnering on complex projects, and land developers constructing largescale developments.  As a local firm, we are able to provide personalized solutions to fit our client's needs and efficiently guide each project through the governmental approval process.    


We pride ourselves on our reliability, accuracy, and responsiveness while providing smart solutions for engineering projects.  Our goal for every project is to provide the client with an approved, high-quality, and efficiently-engineered plan set ready for construction.

Our designs adhere to basic engineering principals while incorporating the latest sustainable designs.  We strive to minimize potential adverse impacts from projects by utilizing environmentally-friendly infrastructure and preserving the natural beauty of the land.  

Continue reading below to view a summary of the steps required for a typical project of ours, and get in touch to learn more about how we can help you on your next project.    


Feasibility Study

The first step to any project is performing a feasibility study. We will gather and prepare the necessary information for your project to ensure it meets your expectations.  This may include conceptual site plan layouts, water/wastewater proximity, preliminary construction cost analysis, and drainage investigation.


ApplicationS & Permitting

We know the application and permitting process can seem daunting, which is why we will guide you through the entire process.  We can help determine which permits will be required for your project and walk them through the approval process so you don't have to.  This includes plat and rezoning applications, as well as floodplain development and stormwater quality compliance permits.


DESIGN & PLAN PRoduction

We will design and develop an efficiently-engineered plan set ready for construction.  This can be for something small like a residential driveway and culvert, or largescale like a convention center or multi-use subdivision. 


Construction support

Once the design is complete and approved by the governing agency, we can assist you in finding a contractor to bring your project to life.  We'll stay involved throughout the construction phase by conducting inspections and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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